"Fame is rot; daughters are the thing." - James Matthew Barrie


To My Daughter

I write this today as a way of taking better care of the things in my life that matter most to me. I intend to change many things in the coming months and years and I must decide where to start and what is most important. Any time I think of what’s most important in my life you are always first and fastest into my thoughts. To begin with the important things in life, to build something of greatness and beauty, it seems wise to begin with what is best and brightest already. In my life, that is you.

My daughter, to quote a man I admire greatly, you are "the most good person I have ever known". Your principles, your clarity of vision, and your courage and determination, leave me, over and over, in awe. That I could have had any small part in the creation of such a remarkable person astounds me. At the moments in life that come to all of us where darkness overwhelms and hope has flown, always, always I have your glittering light to look toward and draw strength from. And I do.

To say I love you sounds trite. It is not enough surely to explain or share the depth of my feelings for you. I love you. I cherish you. I hold you close every moment of every day in my thoughts and in my heart. I cannot imagine a world that does not contain you and would never chose to live in such a desolate and barren place. This earth is a better place for having you on it. My life has meaning because you are in it.

I am and always will be so terribly sorry for time I did not spend with you, for words I could have said and didn’t, for the lost days and hours that I wish I had not spent elsewhere. We are friends, we spend time together, but it has never been enough. Perhaps no amount of time could be “enough.” You are my daughter. The shinning star that guides my life.

You are a good woman Megan. A brave woman. A beautiful woman. Your kindness knows no limits. Your heart no boundaries. I want you to know that every day of your life you have been loved. No matter what the future may bring, know always that there was someone on this planet that recognized your specialness, who always believed in you and loved you. Who was always intensely proud of you.

I wish you could see yourself as others see you...

A woman who brings happiness to strangers - that need only pass her on the street to feel her charm and beauty of spirit and be drawn by it.

A woman who makes a home for animals in need and cares for them through many years of great devotion.

A woman who loves this earth and protects the environment for future generations and people she will never know.

A woman of curiosity, with an explorer’s heart and an adventurer’s soul.

A woman who can treasure the past and welcomes the future.

A woman who sees only people and not their station in life or sexuality or race.

A woman with the courage, always, to reach out to others, to share of herself with friends and strangers alike.

A woman who will always offer to help, who will cheer you, and remember you, and who will take action and spend the time to show you she cares.

A woman who delights in the variety and richness of the earth, people, and cultures around her.

A woman who reaches out to helpless children a world away and changes lives.

A woman faced with barriers and challenges and dangers and fears we cannot begin to imagine.

A woman who walks when it was said she never would. And who has gone on to ride horses with skill, courage, and kindness.

A woman who who climbs tors and dances in the sunlight, when each step of the journey is an accomplishment others cannot dream of matching.

A woman of great loyalty.

A woman of immense kindness and generosity.

A woman of courage.

A woman of determination.

A woman of deep self-honesty and truthfulness - and who has the strength to say I'm sorry.

A woman of conviction and high standards.

A woman of honesty, integrity, and honor.

A woman who knows how to forgive.

A woman you can count on and always trust.

A woman who loves beauty and sensuality.

A woman who inspires others to be more than they are.

A woman of humor, fun, and playfulness.

A woman of great artistry and many talents.

A woman of moving passions and true spirituality.

A woman of mystery, beauty, and complexity.

In a world filled with those of us most concerned with our own lives, our own jobs, our own desires and demands, you are a woman whose greatest love, whose most consuming interest and concern, is not for her own favorite pastime and personal loves but is quite simply for the people that share this planet with you. You are fascinated and entranced by people. You share their joys, shed tears on their behalf, and strive with them every step of the way. Family, friends, and total strangers all fall easily within the area of your unbounded love and concern and deep respect for others.

So I have said a few, only a few, of the words from my heart that I wanted you to know. My wonderful daughter, I am so proud of you. I admire you. I love you. Thank you for being who you are.


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